Astroimaging & "Life" Links

Check out these Deep Sky CCD Imaging and Photography web sites.


My Workplace 

         PI Physik Instrumente - World leader in nanopositioning systems for astronomy, semiconductor, life science and research


Astronomical Community Volunteer Efforts

         SPIE - International Society of Optical Engineers

        Steward Observatories and Mirror Lab - University of Arizona

         Springfield Telescope Makers


Manufacturers and Software

Finger Lakes Instruments - CCD Cameras

Cyanogen Productions- MAXIM DL/CCD Image Processing and Camera Control

SBIG  - CCD Cameras

Registar - Image Registration Software

RC Optical Systems - World class Ritchey Chretien Telescopes

Astro Imagers - accomplished imagers I've met and worked with along the way

The "Local Group" of imagers ( who peek out from under the light domes of New England!)

Rob Gendler....THE world class CCD imager!

Steve Cannistra - Superb wide field CCD imaging

The "New Mexico Gang"

Ron Wodaski and The New Astronomy.. a MUST SEE web site for those getting into CCD imaging and for those who want to perfect their imaging technique.

Russell Croman - top notch CCD astroimaging of all kinds

Randy Brewer - excellent CCD imager just up the ridge

Arnie Rosner - "Virtually" in New Mexico - lots of super imaging equipment in New Mexico at his Rent-A- Scope facility

Mike and Lynn Rice - the super couple behind the famed "New Mexico Skies" bed & telescope

The West Coast Crew

Ken Crawford - Advanced High Resolution CCD Imaging

Don Goldman - designer of the excellent Astrodon Tru-Balance CCD filters

Tony Hallas_ one of the great ones from photography to CCD's!

The European Connections

Volker Wendel - one of the reknowned "Spiegelteam" and most excellent CCD imager

Daniel Verschatse - based in Chile doing superb CCD work. 

Dr. Dietmar Hager - excellent high resolution CCD images using a large APO refractor in Austria 


Links of FAITH

Our home church- Heritage Bible Chapel - a great place to worship and fellowship!

Answers to Life's Issues

Institute for Creation Research - information filled site on Biblical creation research

Reasons to Believe - interesting site discussing creation and the universe from a Biblical and scientific discovery perspective.